Do you want to make your team closer and challenge their skills? Are you looking for a unique activity for your company or just want to relax with your colleagues? Get out of the office and come join us for an outdoor game, which can be played by as many as 150 people.

Once the game starts, it’s all about cooperation and communication. Make your work team stronger while enjoying some fun outside of the workplace solving riddles and completing tasks under time pressure. Face unique challenges, have some laugh and discover your team members’ hidden talents and strengths. Who will start to panic? Who will not deal with the time pressure and who will not care? Find out!

Do you want to save your kidnapped colleague? Are you eager to catch the burglar who stole in your company? Do you wish the game to start in your company and end in a restaurant? Do you fancy an all-day mission or just 2 hours of great fun? With our outdoor game, anything is possible!


How the game works:

All you need is your legs, brain and enthusiasm. We will take care of the rest. We will meet at the starting line, where the participants will split into teams. The teams will be given instructions for their mission, a locked bag filled with riddles, codes and brain twisters, and a map. Everything else is in their hands!  Once the game begins, it’s all about cooperation and communication.

The teams will embark on a mission, which is limited by time. Step by step, they will have to solve mysteries to be able to move from place to place and unlock the bag pockets. They will have to use logical thinking, imagination, wit and common sense to know where to go next and to find the clues and solve riddles and codes.

Enjoyed our game in the past:
Tell us all your requirements and ideas. We will propose and organize an original and unforgettable teambuilding activity for up to 150 people! We will work with your ideas for tasks and routes to create a perfect game that suits your company’s needs.

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