Team of 2-5 Persons

In case of more players, we recommend you to split into more teams and compete with each other. Both missions are suitable even for 8 teams starting at the same time.

Price 1 299 CZK per Team

It is possible to pay by bank transfer (in advance) or by cash on the spot (payment in EUR also possible). Please be also prepared to pay a refundable deposit of 500 CZK (or 20 €) for provided equipment.

Start and End Point

Václavská 20, Praha 2
Tram 3, 10, 16, 18, 22 – stop “Moráň” or “Karlovo náměstí”, then walk through “Václavská pasáž” and turn right to Václavská 20. Metro B – station “Karlovo náměstí”

Provided Equipment

You will be given a map and a locked bag filled with mysteries, codes and brain-twisters. It is not a game with just a piece of paper or a phone app.

Our missions in English language :


 Time limit: 3 hours

Knights Templar

 Time limit: 2 hours

A unique outdoor game in a style of escape game. We created a new kind of game for those who want to live an adventurous and interesting life, explore new worlds and face challenges which will put to the test their characters, quick thinking and creativity.

Set out on a mission you will have to accomplish within 2-3 hours (depending on the selected mission). The only thing you need are your legs, brain and determination to play. We will provide you with the rest, as well as manage everything. Do you have courage to save the world or to become a Knight Templar? To successfully finish your mission, you will be given a map and a locked bag filled with mysteries, codes and brain-twisters. You have to do the rest…

Our unique game will not only entertain you and make you use your brain, but it will also lead you to Prague’s magical secluded places. The game is a combination of fun, adrenaline, once in a lifetime experiences and time spent with friends or family.

The game is also a great teambuilding activity