Cryptovirus – Save the World!

Crazy hacker Asymetros programmed a dangerous new kind of virus – Cryptovirus – to destroy the world. This virus has been, without the knowledge of the users, spreading on the Internet with the speed of light and attacks operate systems with the aim to take control over all computers. In 3 hours, the virus will attack central servers of all world armies and set off nuclear warheads.

Given how little time is left, the government authorities asked the public for help and released all accessible information about the virus. Since you are not afraid of anything, you have decided to go on mission to save the world. But you have to have an open mind to get a key that will deactivate the virus and to fight back a number of riddles, codes, clues and brain-twisters. Save the world!

The route goes partially through the city center.

More teams can take part in the mission and compete against each other.


Time limit of 3 hours

Length of route 5 km

Average time 2:40 hrs

Accomplished by 71%

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